Adobe Presents: Democratising Creativity

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What better way to spend a rainy Thursday evening in Sydney than with a glass of red in a room of creators and makers from the land down under. With a panel discussion led by Flyn Tracy (Independent Producer, Host & Founder, Australian Design Radio) delving into individual insights and experiences from Ben Lee (Freelance Photographer, Filmmaker and Blogger), Jake Rich (Australian YouTuber / Filmmaker), Joy Li (Graphic Designer) and Ngaio Parr (Art Director and Illustrator) on the key subject of ‘Democratising Creativity’.

“The barrier for entry to be creative and have access to creative tools has never been lower, but that also means it’s much harder to stand out. How important are relationships? What role does education and mentorship play? Now that everyone can be seen, how can we stand out?”

The key question that really resonates is “Now that everyone can be seen, how can we stand out?” With the growth of the digital age and an explosion of social media outlets it’s truly possible for for everyone's work to be seen with a scroll of a screen and a considerately placed hashtag… yet equally quickly dismissed and forgotten. We’re facing digital drown-out, with so much accessibility that you’re able to be seen by everyone, yet acknowledged by no one with a continuous fight towards internet fame and recognition from influencers and their digital cliques.

With so much repetition online driven by an age of Instagram trends i.e, white tabletop product photography and script font logos without a concept in sight, the skill and craft of talent is dwindling. With focus being put on how to become known as opposed to how to become great at your trade and to develop as a ‘creative’, which in turn would lead to organic uplift within the digital space.

Big thanks to Adobe and General Assembly for holding this session.

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