TEDxLondon 2016

Earlier this year, 17th June 2016 to be specific, I was fortunate enough to attend the TEDxLondon event hosted at the renowned London Science museum. Having been an avid fan and follower of TED talks for quite some time this was a truly exciting opportunity to see such an incredible line up of raw passion and talent in one arena with discussions flowing around the theme of ingenuity.

With talks ranging from speakers such as Paul Franklin discussing his work on Interstellar and the in-depth research of what it truly takes to create both a masterpiece but also making scientific breakthroughs in the process, to Steve Bartlett, the 23 year old British entrepreneur and CEO of the top influencer marketing company, Social Chain.

TEDxLondon did what it was set out to do, though I can't speak for others, I can honestly say the event left me in awe, inspired to the brim with that little spark of a thought that has been pushing me onwards since to start pursuing my goals because all it takes is a single idea with a little bit of intrigue.

Need to get inspired? Take a look at this absolutely brilliant talk by the inventor, Mark ChampkinsEveryone should invent

Jolanta Zute