Do I really need a professional?


Whilst on a stop over at Abu Dhabi airport I came across this wondrous piece of packaging, a generic juice pouch. Parched after a tediously long 14 hour from Melbourne I reached for something that on FOP claims to provide me with my daily vitamins, or some of them at least – perfect! Well, perfect until you look at the BOP to gain your content and nutritional details and see that they’re entirely unreadable due to a design error of making the font the exact same colour as the beverage itself.

Though the design of this pack holistically is nothing to write home about, the BOP is especially concerning and something that should, or I would like to think wouldn’t happen with a trained packaging designer. It is far too easy for anyone to create something that primarily looks great on screen but when executed isn’t fit for purpose due to a lack of thought and consideration for the product itself.

Packaging and brand designers have a sole purpose of show your product in the best possible light, to make it as interesting and appealing as possible alongside creating something practical that the end user can easily navigate around.

Jolanta Zute