Engaging the Heart: The Role of Emotion in Building Brands

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Whether you’re creating a piece of TV advertising, an OOH campaign or a global ad platform, they all have one thing in common and that is the engagement the consumer – getting them intrigued and emotionally motivated to take the second step into approaching your brand.

There is a communality and mostly standardised approach when it comes to advertising your brand which usually consists of; a) product shot b) brand c) strap-line and d) a relatable figure, this can be seen time and time again and in terms of brand marketing it seems to be the ‘go-to’ hierarchy of creation.

Last week my team and I attended a wonderful seminar by David Golding, co-founder of multi award-winning agency Adam & Eve/ DDB, non other but the creator of the memorable and anticipated John Lewis adverts. Every year, in the UK the nation prepare themselves for the release of the notable John Lewis advert, which is in-fact the gold standard when it comes to Christmas TV advertising, so much so it has become the nations discussion point during the festive season. David provided some crucial insights into why the JL ads have such a high success rate, the story build up from them; from the characters twitter accounts and toys to an array of other touch point spanning off of the advert. The focal point of this seminar was the use of emotional engagement, whether thats sentimental or humour, providing some insights on how leveraging on this can be much more powerful than simply pushing the brand or vignettes (bonus – learning all the different settings the word vignette can be used, other than the standard design fade out).

In a market so flooded with brands, we’re quick to push them upon our consumers with a segmentation of scattered communication lacking that classic storytelling piece. Missing out the storytelling could be a real loss, it’s a way the consumer can engage with the brand on a much deeper level – building lifelong brand loyalty and connection through a journey of emotional engagement.

Jolanta Zute